Lata Agarwal

I have been carrying my dietary plan with Mrs. Hardika for almost a year now and i am tremendously happy with the positive results.
I had major thyroid problems which is absolutely under control now. My skin has tightened and started glowing. I look younger now. And all this is without reducing my diet…
Thank you so much Hardika for wonderfully changing my life.

Darshak Shah

Hardika you have been excellent in guiding me to lose weight, become lean and toned and make me fitter with her simple effective diet plans.
Your approach for overall health and life style improvement using minimalist use of external product help. Using natural ingredients and natural process to improve body function. Improving physical and mental wellness which is critical for any weight loss programme


I am Feeling toned,  lighter, and my energy levels have improved.


I had severe asthma issue. I couldn’t walk 100 Meyers without using a pump.
Thanks to you Hardika, I haven’t touched my pump for more than 3 months now
You have been an angel for me


I consulted Dr. Hardika for my health issues. Within a weeks time my health issues started reducing and resolved in a months time. My stamina increased and was feeling lighter. Best part about her diet plans are they are fancy.So diet becomes easy. It was a different and great journey with u Doctor Hardika.All the very best to you.